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"Comes as close to the visceral experience as cinema can get...Hollywood special effects wizards would be hard pressed to invent a visual as eye-popping as the Aurora Borealis...Interactive 3D performance with surround sound... What we have here-you can call it 3D jazz."

Steven Dougherty
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"All this, from the out-of-the-box silent 3D filmmaker Ikuo Nakamura, fused with mellow sounds of live alto sax, kalimba, and vocals by Hayes Greenfield. The doors of perception are open! Very haunting, very cool, and as yet undiscovered by major media. "

Matthew Gurewitsch
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"What Ikuo Nakamura (film) and Hayes Greenfield (sax/voice/effects rig) accomplish is not merely a conceptual innovation, but something more transcendent."

"Nakamura and Greenfield achieve what most artists strive for: to be original and innovative without sacrificing beauty."

Efren L. Cruzada
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"Minimus 3D Arkestra brings the brilliance of two computer artists to the screen...Greenfield and Nakamura provide less of a mystery with Minimus 3D Arkestra, and more an honest showing of what you can do with ingenuity, time, and a great appreciation of aesthetics."

Marcina Zaccaria
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Special Thanks to Mr.Tomoji Hirakata for concert recording

Minimus 3D Arkestra introduces an innovative cinematic experience that unites Ikuo Nakamura's three-dimensional spatial imaging projection with Hayes Greenfield's acoustic electronic music to transform silent film into a new art form. By utilizing the most advanced digital technology, Nakamura crafts filmic narratives in real time by mixing, sequencing, dissolving, repeating, and lengthening or shortening the imagery's duration, which endows the visuals with an elastic fluidity. In contrast to the traditional silent film, which consists of predetermined, static, fixed-length images accompanied by a known and predictable musical score, Minimus 3D Arkestra initiates a free-floating, symbiotic, and interactive relationship in real time between the narrative, imagery, and music, which instills the dialogue with a powerfully energetic flow. The result is a much more engrossing experience for the viewer as the live filmic/musical performance establishes a direct relationship between the performers and their audience in ways that ordinary cinema could never achieve. In short, Minimus 3D Arkestra has arrived at a new concept of the relationship between image, music, and sound, which it pushes and explores in all its infinite possibilities.

Significantly, all of Nakamura's 3-D images have been shot with two identical cameras in stereo 3-D and none of them have been computer-generated. Similarly, none of Greenfield's sounds or music are sampled or pre-recoded, but are entirely acoustic. He creates and performs them live in real time with an alto saxophone, a kalimba, and his voice to which he adds effects from his stereo pedal EFX Rig and looper. Augmenting the artistic collaboration is the fact that Nakamura was a serious jazz alto saxophone player positioned to become a professional musician until he discovered holography in the early 1980s. Greenfield, since 1987, has worked extensively with film. He has produced two award-winning short documentary films, and has composed scores for more than sixty films, television specials, and commercials.

Minimus 3D Arkestra is a collaboration in artistry as well as sensibilities. Drawing upon a broad range of images selected from Nakamura's peripatetic travels to all corners of the world, the artists are able to share ideas, values, and views about life's ever-faster pace brought on by the speed of recent technological developments, the accompanying and unavoidable deluge of information, the danger of global warming, poverty, and the inevitable loss of tribal cultures, which they contrast with the importance and celebration of community and religious rituals, our planet's raw beauty and magnificence, the wonder of natural phenomenon-in sum, an honest and heartfelt portrait of modern life and the challenges we face in the 21st century.

Clearly Minimus 3D Arkestra is a unique partnership of two artists and two art forms rarely seen and heard on such a high level.